Whether you’re building a garden, putting together an arrangement for display, or organizing flowers for wedding bouquets, there’s a certain degree of creativity that pours from you straight into your final result. But sometimes, you hit a roadblock. Like writer’s block, you’re stuck; your next move seems out of reach. We’ve all been there; but don’t worry, when it comes to everything flowers, I am here to help. To guide you towards your goal; to provide you with visual inspiration that may trigger the flow of those creative ideas.
I’ve organized these little tidbits of inspiration into three main categories:

Gardening: where you’ll find pictures of flower combinations in gardens, different garden designs, and gardens for different conditions.

Arrangements: where you’ll find images of bouquets throughout the season.

Weddings: where I’ll feature a few photos from the three DIY wildflower weddings I was fortunate to be a part of. You’ll see the various components of wedding design: bouquets, table arrangements, boutonnières, and flower girl baskets.